C’est la saison des Tsuiteke, le fruit du Trichoscypha acuminata, un arbre de 5 à 10m de haut.

Il faut deux tas pour faire une bouteille de jus bien sucré !

Source : Makita-Madzou 1985, Etude Morphologique et phytogeogréphique des fruits comestibles de la foret spontanée du Congo

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I am sorry I cannot write in French, though I can understand it fairly well. I would like to purchase your book but don’t have an ipad. Do you sell it as a hard copy?

I would also be very grateful for permission to use your photo of the fruits of Trichoscypha acuminata in a book on the medicinal plants of DR Congo which I am writing with Augustin Konda ku Mbuta. If you agree please let me know how it should be credited.

Together with Augustin I have written illustrated books on Les plantes utiles du Bas-Congo and Les chenilles comestibles et leurs plantes nourricières du Bas-Congo. Perhaps you would be interested in them?

Kind regards,

Paul Latham

Hello Paul,

Thanks for your comment! Actually, our book is only available trough iTunes/iBooks plateform. So it can only be read on iPad or Mac computers !

I’ll send you an email asap

Best regards


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